Personal Coaching with a Brain Power Series Expert

We provide personal coaching to individuals that helps them apply principles from our online course to their personal study and professional goals.
Interested clients select the topic(s) for coaching (e.g., test preparation, supercharged study habits, mind mapping, brain health). We help them develop a customized learning plan that applies relevant principles to real-life examples (e.g., school subjects, high school/college exams, professional certification tests).

Examples of personal coaching clients have included:
• Technology professional who wanted to obtain Agile certification
• Firefighter who wanted to pass the engineering exam necessary for promotion within his fire department
• College student beginning to study for the LSAT because of his interest in applying to law school
• Legal professional who wanted to pass the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) so that she would be considered for a role as a U.S. diplomat
• Sergeant in the Air Force who wanted to get a deeper mastery of memory techniques to improve his effectiveness in teaching new recruits standard operating procedures

Coaching sessions are conducted via a Zoom video call and last one hour.
30-minute consultation – Free

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