You can improve your mind and your memory with training. Brainpower is expandable. Let us show you how.

  • Do you have a course you want to pass?
  • Do you have a big test that you need to ace?
  • Are you studying to get a license or certification?
  • Do you have a position that requires you to remember a lot of material?
  • Do you want to improve the methods you are using for taking in information and understanding it at a deeper level?

If any of these things are true, these courses of study can help you.

Not only do we offer these course to our students but we train people who want to teach this material and we also work one on one with our private clients. Contact us to learn more about those options.

Maximum Memory Mastery

103 Lessons | $199

Learn To Master Proven Memory Techniques, take in and diseminate information, be able to understand and share that information verbally and in written form, improve your test taking abilities and more. You can do all of this in only 30-minutes of Brain Training per day. Designed specifically for busy professionals, graduate students, and competitive memory athletes. Transform your life and career in 30 days.

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Brain Power Series
Train-the-Trainer Certification Program

Are you interested in becoming a certified Brain Power Series (BPS) instructor and coach? Then we have the program for you!

For qualified individuals, BPS provides a complete “Train the Trainer” program – training, detailed coaching, and a step-by-step manual to successfully teach and coach our memory, mind mapping, and “learning to learn” curriculum.

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Personalized Coaching
with a Brain Power Series Expert


The Brain Power Series provides detailed, personalized coaching to selected individuals to help them integrate the BPS online program principles into their personal study and professional goals. Select the topics (e.g., mnemonic techniques, supercharged study habits, speed reading, mind mapping, brain performance, etc.)


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