Brain Power Series Train-the-Trainer Certification Program

Are you interested in becoming a certified Brain Power Series (BPS) instructor and coach? Then we have the program for you!

For qualified individuals, BPS provides a complete “Train the Trainer” program – specialized training, detailed coaching, and an integrated curriculum featuring our program. We help our trainers to successfully teach and coach our “learning to learn”, test preparation, accelerated reading, mnemonics, and brain health/cognitive fitness curriculum.

BPS certifies every trainer to ensure that our program is delivered effectively and consistently.
Benefits of the Program

    • Authorized access to use the Brain Power Series curriculum in your workshops
    • Promotion on the Brain Power Series website as a Certified Instructor, including headshot and bio
    • The ability to earn an affiliate fee for any sales of the Brain Power Series online program that result from your marketing or sales efforts
    • Invitations to monthly conference calls with subject matter experts in the fields of neuroscience and education

Here are the key elements of the BPS Certification process:
Key Requirements:

    1) Complete our online curriculum (Brain Power Series) and achieve a 90% or above score on the online certification exam.
    2) Familiarize themselves with the instructor guide.
    3)Attend a BPS Instructor Certification five-day workshop, either in person or via a webinar/video conference call.
    a. Day 1 – Mnemonics (e.g., Names and Faces, Roman Room)
    b. Day 2 – Six Factors that impact brain health and performance.
    c. Day 3 – Supercharged Study Habits / Accelerated Reading
    d. Day 4 – Mind Mapping principles and applications
    e. Day 5 – Techniques for effectively teaching the material to a live audience (either classroom or public speaking venue)
    4) Receive certification from a BPS Master Trainer who evaluates your performance while you teach four one-hour classes (in-person or virtually)

Ongoing Support and Personal Coaching:

BPS Master Trainers will continue to be a resource even after certification. We will hold monthly coaching calls and be available for questions via phone and e-mail.

Train the Trainer Certification Fee: 

Cost of Certification – $4,000 per individual (group discounts may be obtained)

To learn more about our Train-The-Trainers program, please contact Michael Dottino by filling out the form on this page. Micheal will get back to you within 48 hours.


Initial Certification is for two years; annual renewals after year two can be obtained for a nominal fee.

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Are you interested in becoming a certified Brain Power Series (BPS) instructor and coach? Then we have the program for you! To become a certified Brain Power Series (BPS) instructor, contact us.

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